Icy Shot 3 Bottle Product Demonstration

Hello friends!

You all have been hearing about how the Icy Shot is the premier liquor dispenser and how the Icy Shot experience will sell your establishment

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more liquor.  However, buy cialis it’s hard to justify those facts without seeing the product in action.  Below is the instructional video for the Icy Shot 3 Bottle Dispenser.  So whether you have an Icy Shot or not, please enjoy the following video to better understand the Icy Shot cheap viagra on line Experience.

Click below for the YouTube video.

Icy Shot in Action

Stay Icy My Friends.

Icy Shot at Beta Nightclub: #1 Club in North America

Icy Shot at Beta Nightclub: #1 Club in buy cialis online North America

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Beta Nightclub on YouTube

Icy Shot North America is proud to announce that our 1 bottle Icy Shot will be
featured at the main order viagra cialis bar at Beta Nightclub this weekend.   We encourage you all to stop by and have
a couple of Icy Shot(s) and also experience what Beta has to


Be sure to visit www.betanightclub.com for the full line up of talented artists
performing this weekend.

As always,
Stay Icy My Friends.

Icy Shot: Not just a liquor dispenser.

Welcome all to the Icy Shot blog.

Yes, the Icy Shot is a chilled liquor dispenser with portion control and adjustable temperature, but it also is so much more.

The Difference:

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Many Traditional Liquor Chillers

Traditional liquor chillers use a vat type chilling system in which liquor needs to be poured into the machine first and then cooled.

Volume:          Can hold up to 50oz of liquor (Jager Machine)
Branded:        Provides a great point of

purchase display.  Facilitates customer’s decision-making process.
Electronics:    Rely on a gravity feed system.  No electronic pumps to break.
Affordable:     Many distributors will provide a liquor chiller with the purchase of product.
Freshness:      The out-of-the-bottle taste is lost when emptied into a vat.  Customers don’t know how long the liquor has been sitting within the machine.
Branded:          Produced for a specific line of liquor product.
Chilling:          Waiting for liquor to chill in the reservoir takes time.
Portions:          No portion control on most liquor dispensers.
Temperature:  Non adjustable on many liquor dispensers.

The Icy Shot Chilled Liquor Dispenser

Provides user-defined, flash chilled, portion controlled shots at an adjustable temperature.

Unbranded: Let’s the owner control, “what’s on tap”.  Not confined to a specific brand.
Precise Portions: Easy to adjust portion calibration.  Pours precise portions w/ every click.  No viagra available in india more over/under pours.
Point of Purchase: Illuminates the liquor bottles and provides an end-cap for your customers purchasing decisions.
Plug & Play: Installs in seconds.  Chills down in 30 minutes.
Maintenance: NSF and UL Approved.  Easy to wipe down, easy to clean.
Ice Cold: Adjustable temperature down to -.4F (Depending on liquor proof).
Flashy: A sleek stainless steel case beautifully illumined with blue and white LED lights.
Quick Shots: Easy to install and replace liquor bottles.  Convenient and durable adapters that allow for quick bottle replacement during the busiest of times.

Can you think of a colder and more efficient way to serve liquor?
Leave a comment to find out how you can offer the Icy Shot experience at your establishment.

Be sure to buy viagra online click on the Products tab for detailed specifications of each of our Icy Shot Products.

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The Icy Shot Team

Oktoberfest 2011: Breckenridge, Colorado

Courtesy of www.gobreck.com
“Breckenridge’s 17th annual Oktoberfest, September 16-18, 2011, includes a fun-filled weekend of fall foliage, great parties, Paulaner Bier, genuine German cuisine, collectable steins and special accommodation packages. Don’t miss the largest Oktoberfest in the Rocky Mountains.” http://www.gobreck.com/events/town-events/breckenridge-oktoberfest

Who’s excited for this?

Food, booze, music, food, people, culture, food…… The list goes on.

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Our good friends and Paulaner HP USA and Gobreck.com bring you the most anticipated beer fest of the Rocky Mountains (We’ve been waiting viagra online since last year).

With unofficial stats suggesting that over 200 kegs of Paualaner beer were dispensed in 2010, this is bound to be another great year.  So bring your friends, families, strangers, or coworkers and slam some beers back with your fellow Coloradians.

Icy Shot and Fuchen are also happy to announce that “Icy Shot” samples

of Fuchen will be served to viagra pills members of the VIP experience tent.  Didn’t get your VIP tickets?  That’s too bad.

I laugh.

Please click here to find out more information about Oktoberfest Breckenridge and about all of the other contributing partners that make this an excellent tradition.